Other problems I treat

Here are some other disorders that CBT has been shown to be effective for, and for which I’ve been trained:

Anxiety due to temporary or recent life stressors or transitions. 

You may have some anxiety that isn’t a specific disorder, but is more explained by current life circumstances or a transition you’re undergoing. 

Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)

CBT for ARFID is for you if… 

…you are restricting either because food is not interesting to you, you’re afraid of adverse consequences, or you find certain textures and tastes disgusting. 

…you have NOT been restricting food to lose weight 

…you have normal gastrointestinal functioning 

…you are not on a feeding tube


CBT for BDD is for you if…

…your concerns are not weight-related.

…you have been told that your concerns about your appearance are disproportionate to the actual problems regarding your appearance.

…you find yourself excessively checking mirrors or, conversely, working hard to avoid them.

…you have numerous “rules” for being seen (the right lighting, the right makeup, etc


CBT for insomnia is for you if… 

…other sleep disorders have been ruled out by you and your doctor.

…you have a diagnosis of primary or unspecified insomnia from your PCP or sleep specialist. 

…other disorders that contribute to poor sleep have been ruled out (anxiety, stress, other medical conditions) 

…your sleep opportunity is not a factor.