At the present time, sessions are $180 each, with $225 for the initial intake assessment (90 minutes). 

The intake assessment is 90 minutes long, and includes a variety of screening and assessment tools for the problems I treat, as well as other problems that may affect what we do together. 

I accept some insurances for payment:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico, including federal plans
  • HMSA/Hawaii Blue Cross Blue Shield, including federal plans
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Washington is pending, it’s going to be December at the earliest. 
  • Tricare (Authorization & referral is required for some plans, such as Prime and Retired)
For any insurance for which I do not accept for payment, I am happy to provide you with a detailed receipt so that you can be reimbursed in accordance with your plan’s allowable Out of Network benefits. 

Looking for an anxiety and OCD treatment specialist near you? Effective treatment is available via telehealth in the Seattle, Olympic Peninsula, and surrounding areas and throughout Washington state. I also provide treatment client clients in Albuquerque, and throughout New Mexico.

What are you worth?

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