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Assignment: Copy a famous artist.

College painting has assignments that we do.  I'm not sure what the purpose of them is, and that's difficult for me because with a background in mental health and education, I'm all about the behavioral objective.  However, they are fun.

I've learned how to build canvas stretcher bars and stretch my own canvas, which my first assignment is being painted on.

The second assignment is to mix 100 colors on paper that I gessoed.  I didn't know you could gesso paper and paint on it, so--cool!  I couldn't be less interested in this assignment, but I have learned a lot about certain pigments, namely how freaking strong they are, like viridian, and some of the reds.

The 3rd assignment involves building a cradled board and either copying a famous painting, or copying a famous painter's style.  I chose Monet.  Because I thought it would be "easy".  :-(

To explain my subject I would need to tell you that my husband is a gardener. He loves it.  He loves color,…

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