About Me and What I Do


How is it different from other types of therapy? 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is based on the theory that when an event occurs, our perceptions and interpretations may not always be entirely realistic or helpful. This is particularly true if we are stressed or upset. CBT helps us identify unhelpful thoughts, evaluate them, and learn and practice more helpful and adaptive ways of thinking. When that happens, we feel better. 

The emphasis is on solving problems and initiating behavioral changes. 

CBT teaches you skills to take care of yourself, rather than relying on your therapist to help you solve problems indefinitely. CBT targets the maladaptive thinking and behaviors that are prolonging them. It maybe that whatever you're doing to cope, even if it gives short-term relief, is prolonging the problem over time. 

CBT has been shown in research to be the most effective treatment for most people, for many problems. Other therapies such as EMDR, Tapping, or Emotion-focused therapy, have not been proven to be better.  

My mission is to provide quality, evidence-based methods to help you learn to live your best life, especially those listed as 'evidence-based' by the American Psychological Association. I don’t go with the latest trend. I care about you, and so I use what works. 

Together, we'll work together to make plans for reducing the behaviors that are getting in the way of your best life.

There are no crystals, smoke, mirrors, or magic bells, buzzers, eye-movements, or lights in CBT. 

Just you, and learning to take care of yourself. 

Here's a great article from the National Institutes of Health: Why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Is the Current Gold Standard of Psychotherapy

Let's get started.