Tree of Life

Way, way up at the top of a ridge line between two nearby canyons is a tree, pretty much by itself.  It's only about 2 miles from my house, and there are three ways to make the 1200 foot climb up over boulders and through scraping bushes. 

Ever so often I make the trek up to this tree and put my hands on it.  It often nasty and windy and cold up there, or there's a hot, drying wind blowing, and this tree is growing.  It's twisted, and gnarled, and weathered.  Touching it reminds me of how much tougher I am than I think I am.
There's quite a view from up there. 

(I feel pretty badass by the time I've made the trek.)


First day of fall!


Wednesday may have been the first official day of fall on the calendar, but today was the actual first day that it felt like fall. I was supposed to get up and do a long hike to get some time on my feet.  Instead, I padded around my house in clothing that was fuzzy and soft. After the sun came up, I went outside and did some pruning.



I debated on whether not to put this on my blog. It's not a terribly flattering picture of my day, or my coworker. She is normally a pretty pleasant person, but for the past several days she has been furious about some changes that of been made.

Friday was a particularly difficult day.   I came to work pretty happy about the fact that it was Friday, but by the end of the day I was exhausted listening to her ranting about the new changes. I was also surprised, because usually she Rants about something and then it's over. This just went on, and on, and on…

Later on, after I was done journaling about this, I remembered that earlier in the week she had had to put her dog to sleep, and then I felt bad. She's probably grieving, and that's why she was so much angrier than usual. 


Journal Workshop test pages.

It is suggested that we test products, and techniques, take notes, and learn from this. 

A daily entry: my homage to fried chicken. 


Workbook: Artists Journal Workshop

Im currently reading this book on kindle:

I originally started reading this for traveling, but then I immediately saw the benefits, at least for me:
  1. Experimenting with different media and mixed media, on a small scale 
  2. Experimenting with different techniques. 
  3. Daily painting exercises. 
Below are some entries from this week: 

Title page:

Of course, I have off days: 

I'm going to enjoy these daily exercises. For now, I'm using colored pencil, watercolor pencil, and micron pen, because they're portable and allow me to work on this in the same room as my husband, instead of locking myself away in my art room. 


POD, 9/5/16


So, you know how sometimes artist will paint over canvases? 
Yeah, this will be one of those.

"Watermelon Lemonade"
8x10, acrylic on canvasboard


P.O.D. (Painting of the day) 9/2/16

"Painting of the day" are  quick, little one-hour paintings that I do as the mood strikes me. The theory is, if I paint every day, I'll get better. 

8x10, acrylic on canvas board.