You worry that something bad is going to happen.  

You check, and re-check, to keep it from happening: headlines, texts, phone messages, emails. 

You read and re-read to make sure that you've left nothing to chance.  

Excessive worry, or anxiety, comes in so many flavors I couldn't begin to describe them here. Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Specific Phobias, just to name a few. And each has a specific protocol for treating it.

Anxiety is your brain's reaction to a perceived threat, even if that threat isn't right in front of you.
  • Sometimes it's worrying about social situations and what others think about you, or feeling fearful about a specific situation or animal.
  • Anxiety can be intrusive thoughts you don't like that won't go away, thoughts that bother you but nothing you do seems to help you control them. Maybe you've already tried Response-Prevention treatment and you need a booster.
  • Or, perhaps your friends tell you "you worry too much," about a variety of issues and situations, in different areas of your life. You check, and recheck, to make sure things are okay, which helps - for a little while.
If you're curious about what type of anxiety you might have, take this quiz. It's just a screen, so print it out and fill it out, and bring it in. 

And be gentle with yourself. Anxiety is really an issue right now, so it may be that you're just struggling to adjust to current situations. Here's an article about anxiety and the pandemic from Psychology Today.

There is a way out. With mindfulness and cognitive behavioral interventions, you can feel better, and stop worrying.

Take care of yourself.