You take care of your family, your community, your country.  And yet, things don't seem to be the way they should be. 

If you're taking care of all those responsibilities, you probably already have the ability to solve your problems, except for what's getting in the way: old habits and patterns that keep you from living your best life and meeting your goals. 

Your time is valuable. As your therapist, my goal is teach you to be your own therapistAll it takes is time and commitment, something that's already second nature to you. 

And, to get the most out of our time together, I'll only use evidence-based methods to help you learn to live your best life, especially those listed as 'strongly recommended' by the American Psychological Association.

My credentials: I'm an independently licensed professional. I specialize in, but am not limited to, military service members, professionals with government security clearances, first responders, healthcare providers and their family members, with over 12 years' experience.  Need more information? Here's details.

Misty Pilgrim MEd LMSW LPCC Licensed Mental Health THerapist