About Me and What I Do


Misty has been a practicing therapist for 16 years, and has experience working in residential, outpatient, and acute inpatient mental health levels of care. She was licensed counselor (LPCC) until 2023, when she obtained her clinical social work credential (LCSW). She's trained numerous interns from local universities in New Mexico, and is licensed in the states of Hawaii and New Mexico. She is the founder of Pilgrim Behavioral LLC and the Albuquerque Anxiety Center. 

In her previous life she was a high school math and science teacher, with an undergraduate degree in Earth Sciences and a composite minor in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Her background in education helps her to be especially effective in teaching her clients how to better manage their challenges, and her background in science helps her to critically select evidence-based treatments. 

Misty holds master's degrees in Educational Psychology, Professional Counseling, and Clinical Social Work. She has has completed training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy, The Center for Deployment Psychology, The International Obsessive Compulsive Foundation, and the Trichotillomania Learning Center, among others. 

Weird facts: Misty has done over 80 marathons or longer, including in every US state, and has also completed a couple of full iron-distance triathlons. 

In her spare time, Misty watches stand-up comedy, because she likes to laugh, and she practices doing one thing every day that scares her, like oil painting and SUP.  She's also working on aging gracefully.

Misty might be the right therapist for you if...

  • You're willing to work hard, including practicing skills outside of session. After all, 1 hour per week with me isn't going to work miracles - you'll have homework. You'll practice what you're learning, and track it. 
  • You have some buy-in to therapy. Meaning, you reach out to contact me for an appointment. 
  • You're willing to submit weekly tracking sheets regarding your practice. 
  • You do not currently meet the criteria for the following personality disorders: Borderline, Narcissistic Histrionic, Antisocial. (These require specialized training and therapy but she's happy to refer you!)
  • You do not have an active substance abuse disorder, or have been in recovery for at least 6 months.


call/text 505.501.8293