About Me and What I Do


 Is it....

  • Vomit
  • Flying
  • Certain sounds
  • Certain events

There are as many specific phobias as there are opportunities to be afraid, or nervous. 

That is, infinite.  

Talking about it feels good, and trying to reason about about seems like it should work. 

However, it doesn't. It hasn't. And so you're wondering, is there a way to ever get past this, and the ways that it interferes with your life?

It turns out, in fact, that there is. 

You and I can work together to develop a hierarchy of events in order of the amount of distress they might elicit, and engage in systematic desensitization by developing exposure exercises. During these exercises, you'll learn to conquer fear, tolerate distress, and welcome uncertainty.

And overcome your phobia, once and for all.

Conquer your fears.

call or text (HIPAA compliant) 505-501-8293