why CBT?

What's different from other types of therapy? 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) teaches you skills to take care of yourself, rather than relying on your therapist to help you solve problems indefinitely. All of the progress you make is attributable what you do in and outside of therapy. 

CBT does not try to fix the cause of your problems. Rather, CBT targets the maladaptive thinking and behaviors that are prolonging them. 

There are behaviors that you might be engaging in, including the way you think about things, that prevent problems from resolving. 

In other words, whatever you're doing to cope, even if it gives you temporary relief, might be prolonging the problem over time.

And, CBT has been shown in research to be the most effective treatment for most people, for many problems.

You and me. We'll work together to make plans for reducing the behaviors that are getting in the way of your best life.

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