You're a brand new psychotherapist; that's what you are! 

You wanted to help people, so you went to school (oh, so much school!) and then took your NCE or ASWB you have a degree and a license issued by the state.

And of course you know exactly what you're doing, right?

Your supervisor should be a guide to make sure you've engage in responsible, evidence-based therapy so that your clients get the most out of their time with you.  And maybe, just maybe, a mentor to let you know that your feelings, thoughts, and worries are okay...normal. To help you strike a balance between humility and pride in your profession.  

Your supervisor should also model their therapeutic modality, which, in my case, is CBT.

As an experienced (since 2008) psychotherapist and board-approved counseling supervisor (since 2014), I'm prepared to help you transition into your brand-new profession. We can meet once per week for an hour, or twice per month for 2 hours, so that you get your board-required hours of supervision.

I'll expect you to get permission from your clients, of course, but I'll help you with the paperwork, so that you can discuss cases with me during our time together in an ethical and secure manner.

My charges for individual supervision are similar to those that I charge for therapy, with one exception: if you can find someone to join you, the two of you can share the load and the three of us will meet for the same price as if just the two of us meet.

Give me call at 505.600.1296, if you're needing quality clinical supervision for your shiny new license.

Misty Pilgrim MEd LMSW LPCC Licensed Mental Health THerapist