You've got a lot of responsibilities, and the stress to prove it. 

How much time do you spend thinking and worrying, maybe even lying awake at night thinking and  worrying?

Maybe you're noticed symptoms of stress when disciplining your kids, getting everything done during a busy day, trying to pay bills, or when trying to manage a relationship. Stress cleverly disguises itself as depression, anxiety, or anger. 

The tricky part is that your brain doesn't know what you're stressed about.

As far as your brain knows, you're stressed, and that means danger. Maybe you're being attacked by a tiger. Your brains job is to protect you, so it prepares you to get away from the tiger.  

To get you ready to run from the tiger, your turns up some parts of your body that you'd need for that, and quiets other parts of you that you don't need to get to safety.

Your heart pounds. Your mind races, or goes blank. Your breathing increases. You feel like you can't sit still. 

Stress is everywhere. Even events that seem good - a new relationship, a promotion, a child going off to college - can raise your stress level.  And while at times a little stress is okay, and might even be helpful, too much can wear you down.

Take a moment to check out PsychCentral's Stress Quiz to measure your stress level, then schedule an appointment for therapy and let me help you learn skills for managing it. 

Oh, and by the way, how is your sleep? 

Night after night, laying awake, wondering if tonight will be like the after day, feeling sluggish and desperately tired--wondering if you'll ever feel rested again.  

The single best thing you can do for your mental health is to improve your sleep.  

One suggestion is to see your PCP for a check-up and see if there's a medical reason for your sleep. But if that's been ruled out, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) may be able to help you. It works without medications, it improves sleep in most people and is the most efficacious health-related therapy there is. Schedule an intake appointment so that we can get started.

Get ahead of the tiger.

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