Maybe you've read articles, or books, but it's still not what you'd hoped it could be or what it once was. 

And lately, you've been wondering if it's even worth the effort.

A home should be a haven, not a battleground. After a day of taking care 
of your many responsibilities, you need a refuge from where you feel accepted and respected. Trying to navigate a relationship shouldn't feel like going to another job.
You knew relationships were hard work.

You just never expected them to be this much work. 

Couples' therapists Julie and John Gottman think so, too. Over the past 30 years they've studied couples who stayed together and
compared them to couples who didn't, and they've developed a keen understanding of which behaviors can drive couples apart, and which behaviors can bring them closer together.  From decades of research, they've developed therapy that uses this information to create lasting relationships.
Try this for yourself: "The Stress-Reducing Conversation." Read through the information carefully, and give a copy to your partner.

If it helps, or even if you find yourself still struggling, make an appointment for a thorough assessment today to learn how therapy can help reduce the negative behaviors while improving the positive ones.