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Free stuff for therapists

All the stuff below is free for you to download, keep, and use and re-use.  

After not finding any online, I've created some PDF fillable and savable versions of the PHQ9, GAD7, and the WHO Stress Questionnaires.  

NOTE: Your clients need to save these to their computers, and then fill them out, and then save them before sending them back.  

Contact me if there's any problems with them for me to fix.  These are yours to keep and use.  Check back here; I'll add more.

PHQ9     ~       GAD7     ~       WHO Stress Questionnaire

Notice of Privacy Practices: A compressed file. 
This includes several different versions of the documents, including an editable one, and instructions. (I didn't make these; they're from

PCL5A                PCLS5 
 (I didn't make those; they're from  

HEY! Make sure you inform your clients that if they are emailing them back to you that their email may not be secure, and their privacy is not guaranteed by using their email.  The best way around this potential problem is to get a Gsuite account (cheap) and sign a BAA on there to make it HIPAA compliant. Then you can make a Gdrive folders publicly shareable so they can upload it. BUT.  Make sure they notify you before uploading it, so you can download it right away.  

**These forms are created using the current statutes in the state of New Mexico and USDHS, but it's up to you to make sure forms comply with your state laws. I'm not a lawyer! Don't sue me!

Got a form you need to be made into a fillable, saveable PDF? Contact me I have an hourly charge and can do it for you.