So you're ready to be in private practice.

Why, look at you!

I'm creating this blog to help people -- as I was setting up my private practice, I realized more than once "Oh, I should have done this first." and, "oh, I should have done that first."

Let's face it.  

They don't teach us how to start a business in counseling or social work grad school.  

And, that's what this is: a business.  But don't worry - you can do this!  If you made it through grad school you can handle the basics for owning your own business.  

Things you can do before you even graduate:

1. Choose a name (more on this later)
2. Buy a domain, and set up a website. ($12)
3. Set up HIPAA compliant email, calendar, telephone/texting ($16-20/month)
4. Set up cloud-based faxing. ($7/month)
4. Set up an LLC ($50)
5. Get a business license. ($35)
6. Rent a post office box (if you're living in an apartment - more on this later). (??)
7. Set up cloud-based QuickBooks and start tracking all your expense receipts. ($5-10/month)

In other words, you can set up your business before you're even licensed. You shouldn't be seeing clients for pay yet. Setting up your business, getting the nuts and bolts in place, will help the rest be easier.  

Be careful! Once we've started you're going to get hit by a million people promising you lots of clients if you'll give them your advertising money.  Don't go there. Just be patient, and trust the process.

Next post, coming soon: Hello World, I'm a THERAPIST!