Spring time - and time for a new canvas!

The spring has just been blazing by!

I started painting again, again under the instruction of Polly Jackson. Painting this way guarentees that I will actual do something, be working on something, even though the rest of my life is busy with 2 jobs and running/hiking.  I carve out this time, away from home, in a studio near the UNM campus, to paint for 3-4 hours each week.  I need to paint more. 

 I started on a new painting recently.  This is from a photo I took while hiking up whitewash trail in the Sandias outside of Albuqueruque.

Initial underpainting.  
I grounded the 18 x 24 canvas in crimson, and then started filling in the darks with dark green in the foreground, and dark blue in the background.  The overcast sky is a mixture of ultramarine, pthalo, and titanium white.

Second pass: highlights, with titanium white and medium cadmium yellow.

I'm perseverating on the obvious mistake I've made by having a leaf from the yucca in the background in front of a leaf on the yucca in the foreground.  Maybe you don't notice it, but it will drive me crazy until I get to do it.

Stay tuned...