school days.

I recently enrolled at a local community college whom, I'm told, has a decent art program.  I'm enough of a nerd that depth matters to me, so I decided to take full-on college-level art classes.  In doing so, several interesting things happened:

1.  I had to apply to go to college as an undergraduate.  I already have a college degree in fact a graduate degree, so this was fun.  It was online.  A few days later, a 19-year-old called me and welcomed me to the college.
"So, like, have you scheduled your Acuplacer Test yet?"
"My what?"
"Your Acuplacer test.  Have you, like, scheduled it?"
"Yeah . Um....I'm not going to take your test."

She was flustered.  "Oh.  Um.  Well, oh..."
I rescued her.  "I already have a college degree."

She was happy to have been spared the inevitable confrontation and replied, happily, "you probably don't need to take the Acuplacer then."

"No.  I don't think so."

2.  I'm old.  Like, really old.  My first class will be a level 1 small metals and bench methods class, scheduled at night, and by 9 pm I have a headache.  I'm also hangry, and we can't eat in the workshop.  After class, few things are open.  If I haul ass, I can get to the Golden Pride on Central, and make a lot of bad choices owing to--you guessed it--my fatigue and hunger.

(Golden Pride fried chicken is my crack.  My kryptonite.)  

I even did an entire journal entry about it.

3.  I'm old, part 2. I am easily the oldest person in the room. I'm pretty sure I'm older than the teacher.  Geh.
(Me, feeling old)

4.  Finally, for some reason, I'm way busier than I was when I was in school and had kids at home.  Do it while you're young, kiddos.

I'm hoping to start putting up some photos of what I'm working on in this class.

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