Watercolor travel sketches: Day 1

today is the first time I've taken my art supplies on a trip, which actually isn't all that surprising since I've only been on one trip since I started all of this in April.

I brought my new Derwent watercolor pencils, and they are awesome. Light years ahead of the cheapies I've been using. They completely dissolved when exposed to water and become nice transparent little watercolors.

I plan for these to start out as quick watercolor sketches, maybe about five minutes each, but I may do some collage stuff by adding bits and pieces from my travels.

I was able to do a quick pen and ink sketch first, and then fill in a little bit with the watercolor pencil, and then later on when I had a moment use of water brush to activate the watercolor pencil. All of this is still part of a steep learning curve.

Sketch 1: I like the overall composition, although I would've liked it better if I could've seen the entire plane. I think it's a little too dark underneath the bridge. And I think I should have left off the buildings behind or made them a little more indistinct.

 Sketch to: I'm pretty happy with this. I think it's clear what's going on, especially if you're involved in ultrarunning. my husband, who was running the hundred miler at Tahoe, is being weighed before his race they do this for all the runners of hundred milers. That way, they can track their progress throughout the race and make sure they're not getting dehydrated.

I think I need to work on drawing tables at an angle.

I used: Durwent watercolor pencils, not the ink tense kind, the regular watercolor pencils. I also used micron pens. All of this is on on the Strathmore 140 pound watercolor journal paper.  I'm not sure if I'll get this paper journal again. I think the paper has a little bit too much tooth for my liking.