First painting class.

This week I started my first "real" paint class.  "Real" because I've paid a real, live artist to teach me shit.
I like drawing.  I love drawing.  I've always been good at drawing. Painting, not so much.  It's imprecise.  I can't erase.  It's MESSY.  It's HARD.

In ultrarunning, I've learned that whatever you hate, whatever you avoid, then that's your weakness, and you need to do more of it.  For me, that's been hills.  I hate hills.  I suck at them.  They're hard.  So, I force myself to run them.  It developes coordination for dealing with the difficult terrain.

Because of my training in behavioral health and education, I've also learned about information processing theory.  Information processing theory explains that when we practice something, the little tasks that are such a struggle because automatic.  This frees up cognitive resources for doing more complex tasks.  Remember how you used to have to think about every little part of driving a car? Now you don't have to think, you just do.

That's how I'd like to be with painting.  But for now, painting is/are my hills.